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Welcome to my kitchen

Growing up in the Midwest — buying a store-bought pie crust was a sin, kneading homemade bread dough was an artform and baking cookies after supper, seemed like a nightly ritual. One of three daughters, I quickly learned my way through the kitchen! Fast forward three decades, and nothing pleases me more than baking sweet treats for family, friends and guests in my home!

Pretty Butter Bakery, established in 2019, started with delivering freshly baked Christmas cookies to the neighbors. It quickly escalated to taking special requests from friends for special occasions. Pretty Butter Bakery is a Made-to-order, in-home-bakery, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Every cookie, and cake pop, pie or cake is handcrafted with special care, and decorated to fit the celebration in your life. Thank you for allowing me to bake for you!

Gwyneth Carmichael Mooney
Owner & Operator